two seven eight is a group of chefs, bartenders, food lovers, and creatives looking to change the way people view dining out. The restaurant aims to bring the joy of good food and the great people that you enjoy it with to San Diego. two seven eight values the time that you take to sit and eat with friends and family and hopes to help keep that a unique experience for everyone who walks through its door.

The Team


Bill Franzblau


Bill is an attorney and home cook whose passion and dream to own a local martini bar has brought him down the path to be a co-founder at two seven eight.  His vision of a neighborhood bar has inspired him to create an offering of great craft cocktails, easy drinking wines & heavy pours. Bill has made it his goal to carry the largest selection San Diego distilled spirits in the country. This was not an easy task and is still a growing community, but he is determined to show the community all that san diego has to offer by way of spirits and not just beer. You can find him 6 days a week sharing these stories, and pouring great craft liquors behind the bar of two seven eight.

Deb Fisher


Deb is a licensed real estate agent who found her way into the hospitality industry working as a guest relations manager of prestigious resorts in Southern California. Deb brings her enthusiasm and magnetic personality to two seven eight as well as her love of great wines and delicious food pairings.   Deb has put together a wonderful assortment of easy to drink wines for our guests which every palate will enjoy and which adds to the complete dining experience.  Deb enjoys all that the hospitality industry has to offer, and there’s nothing she does better than throw together a great time, just ask her regulars !

Jessica Fisher

Executive Chef & Managing Partner

Jessica Fisher is part owner and creative director at two seven eight. She has extensive background in baking and pastry but loves to create and eat all types of cuisine. Working her way through San Francisco to New York, Jessica has returned to her home town to bring all of her favorite things to her favorite place. The name of the restaurant, two seven eight, is the address Jessica lived at in Brooklyn, New York, where she spent 8 years eating and drinking her way through the most spectacular city in the world. If Jessica’s eating style could be described by a movie it would be “Gone in 60 seconds”.