We are Concept Two Seven Eight

Who we are? 

We are a group of chefs, bartenders, food lovers, and creatives looking to change the way people view dining out. We aim to bring the joy of good food and the great people that you enjoy it with to San Diego. We value the time that you take to sit and eat with friends and family and we hope to help keep that a unique experience for everyone who walks through our door.

Why we are in San Diego?

Raised in Vista, California, Jessica has spent the last 9 years discovering just what food means to her in cities all over the U.S. She came back to San Diego with the mission of bringing  her experiences back to her hometown city.

Why Two Seven Eight?

Two seven eight is the address of jessica’s apartment in Brooklyn New York. She spent six years in that apartment eating, drinking and learning from a wide network of chef, bakers, and bartenders.


Jessica Fisher