sippin' local at two seven eight

our bar shelves are home to over 75 bottles of san diego distilled liquors. from the popular to the proprietary, we've got it. and yes, this is the largest selection of san diego spirits in the country.



Calwise Big Sur, Cutwater Old Grove Barrel Rested, Cutwater Old Grove, Foxlore, Kill Devil Valor, Liberty Call, Liberty Call Barrel Rested, Old Harbor San Miguel, Pier View, Stardusk, You & Yours Sunday 




Coppar Collar, Cutwater FUGU, Cutwater Hibiscus, Cutwater Horchata, Kalifornia, Kill Devil RX, Malahat, U4RIK, Venom, You & Yours, 619, Misadventure



California Spirits Coffee’tini, Cutwater OPAH, Kalifornia Lemonade, Kalifornia Peach Pie, Poffenberger Lemoncello, Poffenberger Limoncello, Bzy Bee Lemonade



Avalon Rum, Calwise Blonde, Calwise Spiced, Cutwater Three Sheets, Cutwater Three Sheets Spiced, Cutwater Three Sheets Barrel Aged, Ilnnovo, Liberty Call Spiced, Malahat Black Tea, Malahat Cabernet Barrel, Malahat Ginger, Malahat Rum, Malahat Spiced, Old Harbor Sailor Strength, Old Harbor Ampersand



California Spirits Bourbon, California Spirits Single Malt, Cutwater Devils Share Single Malt Whiskey, Henebery whiskey, Kalifornia Moonshine (un-aged corn whiskey), Kill Devil Ugly Moonshine, Liberty Call Cask Strength Whiskey, Liberty Call 4 Grain Whiskey, Lumberjack Lily, Malahat Bourbon Whiskey, Malahat Rye Whiskey, Perfect Soul Whiskey, San Diego Distillery Bourbon, San Diego Distillery Rye, San Diego Distillery Single Malt Whiskey, San Diego Distillery Peated Whiskey